Daily Drawings

file-nov-17-10-36-13-amI began a daily drawing practice over a year ago. Restricting myself to pen and ink and posting regularly on Instagram forced me to let go of perfectionism and come to terms with my self-censoring habit. Not that I didn’t hesitate and procrastinate when I drew an image that I didn’t like. The rule of daily posting won, I’m glad to admit!

My roots and inspiration

I have never been able to get away from this need to create. My grandmother ran her own dress and millinery shop in a tiny town among the oilfields of California when she was a newlywed, sewing and knitting her own clothes, making shoes and the hats she wore to church all her life. My mother painted, made paper mache objects, worked with wood, and crafted beautiful quilts until Alzheimer’s took away her ability to meld the small bits of cloth she had carefully chosen and cut into a beautiful whole. This gift has been passed on to me, this need to make a thing of beauty with my hands.

I know now that it has sprung from a much deeper well, that of the Creator of all things. I serve, called to be an artist, with a grateful heart and the desire to bring glory to God and my Savior Jesus Christ. He welcomes everyone and His gift is free. Just ask.