Strange Beauty

fullsizerenderOne morning as I pulled out of the driveway, I spotted an event of stunning beauty. Bathed in early morning sunlight, glowing white and golden and deep green, were the most beautiful cactus flowers. The buds had been swelling for the last several days, and I drove slowly by, gazing at their singular beauty. At the end of the day, as I drove by, I noticed they were already fading, the petals wilting in the warm afternoon air.
The next year, when I spotted the buds again, I determined to capture them. And I did.

Paso Sunrise

Paso SunriseWalking up to the studio in the early morning, my eye naturally turns toward the east, where the sun rises over the distant hills along the San Andreas fault. I can hear the very faint dull roar of the nearby highway traffic, but it is not at all disturbing in light of the glory of this scene.

“Paso Sunrise”
6 in, x 8 in., oil on panel, framed. $50
Available at Local Love, Atascadero, CA

Three good reasons to draw


I heard a friend recently say that there was no good reason to draw with a pen when there are apps for that. But since I was born in the previous century, and grew up around lots of pens, pencils, and paper, I have a special love for these tactile objects. There are many more than three good reasons to draw, but I’m going to limit it here to keep things interesting. The first reason to draw is because it makes you slow down, and when you slow down, you have the chance to practice observation, to breathe in the world around you (although the reality is that I drew this from a photo on my tablet). The second reason to draw is because you have made a promise to yourself that you will never again let this particular practice languish on the backburner of your life. The third reason to draw is because after you see the final drawing, and you’re wondering how it came from your hands, you may think that it needs to be turned into a painting.